Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hollywood Inspired Luxurious Collection By Christopher Guy

If Hollywood Glam is more your style and you rather splurge on decadence and luxury than opting for a Zen like minimalism then the furniture collection by Christopher Guy is right up your alley. The designer marries his creativity with his love for glamour and is unapologetic about using shades of purple, gold and silver. The highlight of the collection is no doubt the classic lounge which is upholstered in silk and features scrollwork at the front and crossed legs at the back. Those who want the right blend of subtlety and drama can also check out the stunning wood chair whose highlight is an unique circular backrest which is made of rustic wooden rods to give it a sculpturistic appearance.


Moving Boxes Transformed Into Modular Bookcases

Having your new modular bookcase made up of cardboard doesn't sound like the ideal choice for you but what if there was a way to make it look good? Designer Dany Gilles has devised a way of reusing Moving Boxes as bookcase shelves. All you have to do is get various cardboard moving boxes stacked one on top of the other, after having been cut properly for the job, and you would end up with your own cardboard-based Moving Boxes modular bookcase. The problem is, of course, that such a bookcase is only a temporary solution and the Moving Boxes will not wistand the test of time. Not to mention that your books deserve a real storage system in the future! But until then, and especially if money is tight at the moment or you simply want to make a fashion statement, then go ahead, try this Moving Boxes modular bookcase yourself! Via Dornob

Moving Boxes Modular Bookcase 1.jpg
Moving Boxes Modular Bookcase 3.jpg